Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dunno how many months have past since my last post,so any things had change at least to the better.
Everyday's sunrise looks s beautiful now, everyday i have a new hope.
After months of effort i finally go back with my girlfriend,yeah...i was very hurt because she left me, well I LOVE HER. In fact i set this blog up using our nick-name. Funny right.
2 months ago, this might be a dream to me, because i'm sitting on her bed typing all this.
To be honest, it's kinda hot because of the sun shining behind me xp
Since i'm with my girlfriend, life had been like a fairy tale, i'm still living in my dreams,but...
i dunno when will this sweet dreams will end......i really hope i'll be in this never-ending dreams as long as i breathe. Waking up in the morning seeing her by my side sleeping (*and snoaring,kinda loud though). I mean if i have a wis, i'll wish to wke up by her side every morning.

We got quite a lot of difference ayways, but guess what other people says,
To love somene, is to love everything of hers, including all the differences.

Enough of me being emo and deeply in love...hahaha....
Just finish my last assignment for this semester, kinda relief but then my semester exam is crawling onto my back..shit right>.F@$@!!! give me a break....LoL...kinda stress with all this seriously although i have the most easy course among all other course like medicine.....good luck to you guys man...

Anyways, quite a lot happen, like i gave my wrong account num and now quite large amount of money(*MY FREAKING MONEY) is going into someone's account...not to worrries,getting my money back either through the hard way or the easy way....
Yo, biatch...that's my money man...
hahaha...kk...don't wanna bored u guy's to death....till then
XOXO...i know u love me....(*hahaha,i know it's damn lame) girlfriend hate this when i say this to other let's just keep this a secret between you and me=)

Monday, February 8, 2010

1st random post

This's the 1st post of my blog and i hope i'll post more in the future because i'm quite a lazy person after all.

Tan Boo Yeong,obviously my name and the header i use "Whiteberg" don't ask me why,I dunno why i choose that title for my blog also.I take this as my diary where I post stories of my life and my thoughts.S o if any of my comments offended anyone,sorry bro,u just came into the wrong blog xp

Well,my life...I'm going Taylor again for my commerce degree hopefully to become a certified accountant.Why accountant?because my fucking result can't get me into med school.Yea,pardon for my French,you'll be seeing it a lot in here.
*Boring dude,tell me ur real life!!!!


It's boring but everyone needs an proper introduction right?Damn...

Ok,here's the story,

Just broke up with my girlfriend because of?Nothing...yea...She gave me the best moments of my college life and the worst.Now having a ridiculous argument with her because she thought that i lied to her,she ask me how i got her info bout her work and stuff...of cos i got this through your friends babe and i can't let out the names if not their butts are gonna fried by you.Ok,we argued around 4 hour on msn and i finally gave up and tell few names out,guess what...she say i'm lying...FML

If anyone know my pathetic childhood life,you'll know lying is a big taboo for me,I don't lie,if I don't want you to know.I won't tell you.Trying to tell the truth and being accused of lying.Great,never felt better.Anyways,feeled quite guilty for turning a her now into a cold blooded,insane...(don't keep me going on) girl.Well,it's over.

See that picture,the guy with the white T-shirt...that's me.

Went to genting lask week,man,that's one of the happiest moment of my holiday life.Holiday life in Ipoh really sucks,not that Ipoh is boring but because you are living at home and u can't come back after 12,all the restriction.Ok,Genting.Havent been there since my PMR i guess?Went up and all still looks the same,all the nice looking hotel which can scare the shit out of me with all it's famous ghost story.Same theme park games and stuff.Still it's a fun trip and a budget one.Why?because thanks to Chang Thai's father we got a to night stay premier room in Highland Hotel for....FREE!!!!hahaha...not just that,thanks to my uncle,we got two days in-out door unlimited access theme park ticket.YIPPIE!!!!That's what I'm talking about baby.O,nearly forgot the picture you see on top is the roller coaster which we brought the bear which we won and pose during the first fall of the ride,it's the third time we pose on the roller coaster,this the best picture i guess.
Not to forget the PS2 courtesy of Chang Thai(the guy who are molesting his bag).Free transport also up and down again courtesy from Chang Thai's father for lending us his driver.Damn cool,on the way up,his dad just kept on blasting the stereo.Wow.Unfortunately,my tummy bloated on the way up,not because of the freaking expensive nasi kandar from Kayu(Ma Chi Bai,15bucks drinks not included) but because we have a GANAS driver,he drive the 2.4liter Camry more ganas then Micheal Schumache drives his Ferrari,later on only i was told he was a taxi driver.That explains a lot of thing,don't make me say how he drive down hill,watch the movie Initial-D,all of it except the drifting part.Yee Hang the funniest of all,said "wow,ganas driver" and the driver just glance at the back.Fucking scary man,it's like "what the fuck you saying budak!".phew....

This the space shot where this thing will shoot up and come back down again,bringing you up in one piece and bringing you back down in one piece.Sound easy.It's not...this motherf@#$ing thing can make your balls dissapear for that few second and what i'm saying is true.When i sat on that freaking chair i can smile because i'm just a naive kid thought that it'll be fine.Hell NO!!!!1st,the thing shot up,and everything looks small and smaller down there,i nearly touch the sky,weee!!!!its fun but then the F@$%ing thing stopped at the peak for aorund 5 to 6 seconds then i know something bad gonna happen.At that moment there were a Arabian guy sitting on the right side of me,we come from two different world but we have an mutual understanding at that time,we are both Fucked,not just we both but all the idiots with us on top of there.No cultural difference at that time because we both are saying the same thing,FUCK!!!!!!(I forgot how many times i swear this word when i was on the ride)I think the Arabian guy was shouting something also,$#@%$^%# practically it says"My butts on fire,Where's my balls?Fuck,I'm gonna die!!!!!".Well,I'm not a realy good translator.Talking about balls,when the things start to drop from i think 20 stories high,my chapters of life just flash through my eyes and man....i'm telling you this aint a good thing.I regretted all the shit that i did not do,that's why i'm gonna do all the shit this year in uni,hehehe....ok,back to the ball thing.All the flash picture stop when i feeled a sudden pain right in the middle of my balls,it's like saying "bro,you got me too high now and i can't stand,i'm goin inside untill i feel safe".DAMN!I wish i can be like my balls ahich i can hide into somewhere.Well,for that few seconds i got the feeling of being a girl,because my balls arent there,my dick went inverted and i cant feel anything down there.Anyway,it's over.Am i going to sit that shit again?HELL YEAH MAN!!!hahaha

Don't ask how we won the bear,if u playing all those shit game,wear a red underwear,because no skill can win you a big bear like my friend were holding except pure luck.At the end of the trip,all four of us each won a bear,mine is a white one,hahahaha.....damn gay actually.

I'm not a good writer that's why my essays always scored the lowest,so don't expect any fancy fancy words here because if i'm good in writing i'll publishing a book name "HAIRY POTTER" and become a billionaire because of that book.